Timeline Tips

After booking with me for your wedding, you will receive a wedding day timeline questionnaire. This questionnaire will help me develop a timeline that will best fit your needs!

When creating your timeline, be sure to always leave some wiggle room! I always suggest giving yourself extra time and planning for things to take little longer than you would expect. I want to make sure you are feeling relaxed, not rushed or stressed!

Here are two sample timelines to help guide your day! There is one with a first-look and the other is without a first-look. Please keep in mind that a standard wedding day is a 6-hour day.

**Each timeline will be different depending on sunset.

Getting Ready


Items to have prepared and ready for me to photograph (all may not apply):

NOTE: please have these items together in one place (For example: a shoebox). Please have your items in one box and your groom's in another. If you are getting ready at separate locations, then please keep ALL rings with the bridal items, including the groom’s ring.

HIS: shoes, ring, ring box, bowtie or tie, tie clip, pocket square, watch, cuff links, vow book, etc.

HERS: Invitation suite, shoes, ring(s), ring box, bracelets, earrings, necklace, hair pieces, vow book, perfume etc.

In Addition:

1) If there are any textured / sentimental details that you feel would make great accent items for your detail shots then feel free to throw those in there (lace, fur, miniature plants, rocks, etc!)

2) I love to incorporate floral in my detail shots. If at all possible, I will grab the brides bouquet and incorporate it, if the bouquet can be arranged to be there along with the other bridal details, then awesome!

Once I’m done shooting details of your items and your dress! I’ll start taking candid photos of you and the girls!

I typically don’t shoot anyone “Getting Ready” until they’re almost completely ready, cause let’s be honest, no one wants photos of themselves with their hair half curled and one eye of makeup half done!


Now even though we probably just want to get ready in a t-shirt and pj pants like usual haha. But this is your wedding day, and I’m going to be taking photos of you walking around, hanging with your girlies, and then of course I’ll pull you aside for some bridal photos of just you getting ready.

For more ideas like this check out this Pinterest board:



Make sure to be intentional about your getting ready location. It literally defines the whole mood and feel of your photos, and can make or break your images. For example, if you decide to get ready in a stuffy hotel bathroom with bad lighting and no windows, you might feel stressed and claustrophobic.

Instead…consider getting ready in an open, clean room with soft natural light coming through the windows, a place that will make you feel more at peace and in touch with your emotions.

Okay and then there is “Good light”. You will be a master at noticing light by the end of all this! Try and get ready near a window with natural light coming in, it is much prettier for details and your skin will look more radiant…rather than yellow-ish overhead lighting. Like I mentioned before, keep indoor lights off during getting ready photos so you don’t get mixed colors in your photos (don’t worry, I’ll switch them off if you forget!).

The Ceremony

The best time to start your ceremony is 2 hours before sunset! You can search what time is sunset on your wedding day on google.

The reason, why you want to start your ceremony 2 hours before sunset, is because this gives us time to capture all formal photos. Which include the family photos, bridesmaid's photos, groomsmen photos, and bride and groom photos right in time for sunset!!

Family Formals

Family formals usually come immediately after the ceremony, so making sure family members stay put after the ceremony ends is so important. My assistant will call out the list of names provided so that we can smoothly run through the family photo portion of the day!

Family Photo List Example

Please provide a detailed family photo list at least 2 weeks before the wedding:

List the groupings of family photos you would like taken after the ceremony.

Ex: Bride & Groom with Groom's Parents (actual names).

***This can be provided in a word document or email or whatever is easiest for you! Having this helps make the family photos go much smoother and in a timely manner :)

Having a list will save so much time & make the process so simple! The reason I ask for names of family members is because it saves from any family dynamic awkwardness! So instead of saying "bride with dad & step-mom," I can just say, "Sarah with Tom & Sally." It’s much more professional & family are more likely to respond to hearing their actual name called. I always get so many compliments at the end of family photos for how easy, organized, & seamless it was!


Once we finish up with family photos, we will bring in the whole wedding party (Bridesmaids and Groomsmen) for group photos!! If you’re having a first look, full wedding party photos might happen before the ceremony to leave more time for couple portraits.


Here’s where all the romance and feelings happen!

Where I’ll sneak the two of you away for sunset photos!

I normally set aside 30-45 minutes for this portion of the day! These photos can also be done after the first look, before the ceremony depending on your timeline!


The Grand Entrance

This is when I’ll be shooting candid photos of you and your HUSBAND walking into the reception!! I’ll also be shooting reception details!

Please communicate with your wedding planner or DJ to turn off any colorful lighting, strobe lighting, and any other distracting lighting. And to ONLY leave on the warm, ambient lighting for the entrance, first dance, any special parent dances, and during cake cutting. This prevents your skin tone, dress, etc. from having any type of off colored hue on it!

Dinner and Dances

During dinner, my assistant and I will take a short break to sit down and eat and prepare for the last few hours of the night! We will then capture all of the special dances and events you have planned for your reception!

Special Exits

There are so many special exits to choose from! You can choose to end your night with a sparkler exit, confetti exit, the last dance, and so many more!

In the Moment

At the end of the day, I want you to be in-the-moment.  These are only tips and suggestions to help guide you through the creation of your wedding day. But what really matters is the time you will share celebrating the connection between you and your love, with your family and friends by your side.


The day of your wedding, I want you to feel the moments in your soul. The moment you are walking down the aisle towards your love, the moment you read each other's vows and promises to one another, and the moment you have your first dance as husband and wife. These are the moments that count, and these are the moments I will capture for you... that way they will be with you forever!